Argentina continue to be the fastest growing import in USA

June, 17th, 2010
Wine & Spirits Daily

Wines of ArgentinaFrench wines are struggling to make a comeback in the US market, with dollar sales down -14.7% and volumes down -8.3% in the 4-weeks to May 16, according to IRI off-premise scan data. When looking at the other two big imports, Italian wines dropped -0.6% in sales and grew 3% in volume. Australian wines saw sales decline -3.7% and volumes drop -0.9%.

French wines may be declining at a faster rate than Italian and Australian wines, but the latter lost the most share. Australian wines lost -0.7 dollar market share points and -0.4 volume share points, respectively, in the 4-weeks. Italy was in the same boat as France, with dollar share down -0.3 points and volume share down -0.1 points, respectively. But France took the biggest average price decrease per volume, down -7%, compared to Australia at -2.8% and Italy at -2.3%.

The fastest growing import remains (surprise) Argentina, with dollar sales up 31.3% and volumes up 27.5%. They gained 0.3 dollar market share points and 0.2 volume market share points. New Zealand saw sales climb 16.7% and volumes gain 21.5%, but only gained 0.1 share points in both sales and volume. Argentina seems better off, with an average price increase per volume of 3% (which was the most of any country) in the 4-week period, while New Zealand dropped prices almost -4% on average.

CA WINES TAKE SHARE AND RAISE PRICES. Domestics, meanwhile, were solid. California wines took the most share in the period, gaining 1.1 dollar share points and 0.3 volume share points. Oregon and Washington were flat. Dollar sales for Oregon grew 15.4%, follow by California at 7.2% and Washington at 3.2%. In terms of volume, Oregon rose 22%, California grew 5% and Washington grew 3.7%. This could be partly because California took an average price increase per volume of 2%, while Oregon dropped prices -5.4% and Washington prices declined only -0.6% on average.

In all, dollar sales and volumes of domestic wines grew 7.1% and 5.1% in the 4-weeks, respectively. Dollar sales of imports were flat, while volumes rose 2.1%.