Argentine families spend 630 pesos a year on wine

Monday, July 22, 2013
Buenos Aires Herald with Telam

consumo supermercadoSurvey on consumption
In case there was any doubt, now it has been scientifically proven: Argentines like their wine. Households spend 630 pesos a year on wine and drink, an average 41 litres of the beverage, a recent study showed. Red wine leads the preferences —white and rosé wine varieties are not as popular. “Wine is mostly the choice of households with housewives over 50,” stressed Juan Manuel Primbas, country manager for Kantar Worldpanel Argentina, a consultancy. “In that segment, there is an increase in both the number of buyers and the average amount spent.” Wine is the drink of choice for households with one or two members, without kids, explains the study, which was carried out from a survey of 3,500 households nationwide.

Wine has successfully penetrated the local market: it is now bought in 75 percent of Argentine households. That means one million more buyers choose wine over beer —which is purchased by 67 percent of households.
However, beer is bought with more frequency: one purchase per 15 days compared to one ever 17 days for wine.
The wine market is very divided and the top brand does not exceed 10 percent of market share. This represents a key difference with beer, where the number one brand makes up for almost half of the purchases.
A final difference between both beverages is the evolution in consumption. Wines were present in 600,000 more households, while beer sales dropped as a consequence of an increase in prices, which was well over other basic beverages.