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Three Bodegas and their malbecs from Mendoza By RENIE AND STERLING STEVES September 17, 2008 Mendoza is an arid stretch of land similar to New Mexico with the stately purple-hued, snow-capped Andes Mountains as a backdrop. Mendoza wine region (the size of Illinois) is to Argentina like California wine country is to the United States — huge in size with varied climate conditions and different terroir from one end of the wine area to the other.

Four Of The Best From Supermarket Shelves Glasgow Daily Record – Glasgow,Scotland,UK Argentina has promoted Malbec into the big league, from a minor grape used for blending with illustrious peers like Cabernet Sauvignon. …
Delicious, inexpensive wines from Argentina September 17, 2008 By Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg Special to The Washington Post The South American nation has long been a big producer. Now they are focusing on quality, too.
Sidebar: The annus mirabilis The Times – Johannesburg,Gauteng,South Africa for a red wine shortage.” His remarks make sense in light of a sudden Russian thirst. “Argentina is shipping 10 million litres a week to St Petersburg. …

Wine with a twist at Washington’s 1st self-service wine bar – Philippines At $50 a glass, that might be difficult,» said Alejandro Umerez, an Argentinian economics student who works nights as Ceviche’s manager.

Stellar Cellar – Washington,DC,USA The wine is a Bordeaux-like blend: 51% merlot and 49% cabernet sauvignon. Luigi Bosca Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2005 For an equally elegant red,

Astica Torrontes 2007 ($8). By TOM MARQUARDT and PATRICK DARR Published September 17, 2008 If you can find this white wine, buy it. At this price, you can’t go wrong. From Argentina, torrontes is a very aromatic wine with citrus and grapefruit notes. The wine is simple and a good match to pork and chicken.
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Southern Hemisphere Round II By Howard Bernstein FYI: Tuesday, September 23 from 5-7 PM Casa di Vino

Ciclos Malbec Merlot 2005 By (Shea) The final wine of the South American terroir trio is this Ciclos Malbec from S. Michel Torino Estate of the Cafayate region in Argentina. Cafayate is a high altitude region, which promised concentration and power. … Just Grapes –

Tapiz Malbec By (meggle) meggle posted a photo:. Tapiz Malbec. Pat and I picked this up at BevMo’s 5 cent wine sale. It’s pretty tasty for the price, and it isn’t at all bitter like other lower price-point Malbecs I’ve had. Uploads from meggle –

Three Days of Wine By vinicultured They must contain at least 70% malbec, which is very unusual given that malbec is a minor grape in the rest of France (see: Bordeaux). This varietal has been transplanted to the New World with HUGE success, so much so that many people … Vinicultured: A Wine Blog –

Soul Events at the Argentinean winebar By malbeck Imagine it runs softly as the tannins on the Malbec wines. Imagine you will have a wine tender-me, Daniel- dedicating his heart to every single one of your guests. Imagine you give them the total wine experience, combined with … Argentinsk vinbar Tango y Vinos-… –

Ciao Sucos, Bienvenidos Vino Tinto! – Puerto Iguazu, Litoral … Got blankets, pillows, bigger seats than an aeroplane (like club class), hot dinner, free wines, whisky. Pretty impressive. Roohi had kept doubting Akshay when he had said that the coaches in Argentina were really pretty good. …


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