Malbec: a good wine that won’t break the bank

Source: Timesdispatch | Jack Berninger.

Vines & Wines: Discovering malbecs. D2 Vines & Wines Argentina is mecca for spicy, robust Malbecs At a recent wine tasting, Karen Catlett made a discovery. «I was not previously a big fan of malbecs, but I’m a convert,» she said. «I really enjoyed their robust, spicy flavor and look forward to pairing a Malbec with a good steak.» Catlett apparently isn’t the only one discovering and drinking malbecs. When Mike Hale of The Wine Market in Glen Allen was asked what was hot, he didn’t hesitate: «Malbecs.» But why?.

«Malbec is popular now because its general characteristics put it somewhere between cabernet sauvignon and merlot, which continue to be two of the most popular red wines sold in the U.S. today,» Hale said. «When you combine that with the affordability of Argentine wines in general, it is a compelling combination especially in today’s economy.»

Malbec is one of the classic Bordeaux grapes and is used primarily for blending in France (except for the Cahors region). Argentina has become the mecca for malbec. The wines that come from Argentina generally are flavorful with a plum jamminess and velvety texture that set it apart from other wines.