Malbec mania: A once-humble red wine is now a hit

Herald Net| Theresa Goffredo.

Move over, merlot. So long, Sauvignon. Hello, malbec. Malbec is today’s «it» wine, the new darling at the dining table. This once working-class grape used for blending in French bordeaux has risen in status to the gentry of grapes people want gracing their meals. Malbec was recently featured on the «Today» show. There are malbec blogs such as the At the Malbec Maniac site,, you can click on a video and listen to two Wall Street Journal wine writers talk about how Malbec is «taking the country by storm.»

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The details

Malbec: A plummy wine with subtle, earthy tones and authentic fruit flavors that taste large and lush. Sometimes called merlot’s softer brother.

Price: Ranges from about $10 a bottle for Argentine varieties and from $15 to $55 for Washington brands.

It’s a worthy food wine that is best with beef but versatile enough for Mexican, Cajun, Indian or Italian fare, especially red-sauce dishes.