More about Malbec

January 12th, 2013
The Living Room Wine Bar, Cafe & Lounge.

Tapiz_Malbec-716x260[1]Generally considered a blending grape throughout the world, Malbec has found fame, fortune, and familiarity, becoming Argentina’s signature red grape. Why is it so popular? It’s affordable and consistent, giving you a lot of wine for the money.
My only complaint, after tasting 50 Malbecs for the opening of Chandler’s CHoP is that they were uniform, but lacked individuality. They seemed to all come from one big “Lake Malbec” just outside of Mendoza, Argentina. Sitting in a restaurant, facing unfamiliar labels, Malbec is a solid choice. It’s reliable and affordable, especially by the glass.Read full article.

The wines tasted were pretty consistent, here are five favorites in no particular order:

2007 Navarro Correas Alegoria- Gran Reserve It’s hard to find a Malbec with this much maturity available in the marketplace. Still a touch tannic but ripe and full of fruit with hints of cedar and oak. It’s delicious soft, and ready to drink. It is most likely one of the oldest Malbecs on your retail shelf.

2008 Altos Las Hormigas Reserve omegas means ants in Spanish. I’m not sure I would use my life savings to start a winery and name it ants. However, who really cares if the wine is this good? Mick Jagger says in the song, Paint it Black, “Black as night, black as coal.” And this wine is black! Rich, yet earthy, but in a good way. You can taste the quality of new oak, with hints of cocoa and creamy caramel. Not for the faint of heart. If possible, decant before serving.

2010 Vina Cobos Bramare Easily the best wine in the tasting of 50 Malbecs, and the most expensive. (Don’t you just hate that?) All I can say is WOW, deep, rich nose of plum, currants, and coconut that jump out of the glass. Wine geeks talk about a wine having great “mouthfeel”- and this wine had it in spades. Velvety, serve it to that rich relative to move up the ladder in the will. Made and owned by super talented California winemaker Paul Hobbs.
2009 Piattelli Grand Reserve Deep, powerful nose, a classy, stylish Malbec. Balanced, with an alluring whiff of white truffle, this wine is the softest and most feminine of the group. Ready to drink now.

2011 Trivento Reserve Opaque, almost thick, but surprisingly, not at all heavy or weighty. A charming wine that is quite attractive and good. Ripe fruit, with no hash tannins, very easy to drink. A great price/quality ratio. That’s code for this is by far the cheapest wine of the group.

*Malbec Food Pairings: Grilled meats, strong cheeses, or simply by itself. Read full article.