Sideways Returns, Uncorked For Japan

Source: Herald Tribune | Ari Karpel.


LOS ANGELES: Here’s the pitch: Two guys, old college buddies. One’s a has-been TV actor, the other a never-been writer. The actor is about to get married, and the writer loves wine, so before the wedding they drive up the coast of California for a weeklong vineyard-visiting road trip.

Sound familiar? Perhaps that’s because it’s the premise for «Sideways,» the 2005 Oscar nominee for best picture (and winner for best adapted screenplay).

This time, though, it’s a little different: the bonding friends are Japanese.

As film industries in China, Russia, Japan and India have grown exponentially, particularly when it comes to homegrown fare, United States studios have taken the phrase «Think globally, act locally» to heart. Nearly every studio has set up an international operation for producing and distributing original movies made in local languages. Now a handful of those studios are scouring their catalogs, seeking films (box-office smashes and middling performers alike) to remake for new audiences. Full article.