Wines of Argentina closes UK office

Source: Off Licence News | Laura Clark.

Wines of Argentina has confirmed it is closing its UK office and returning marketing and PR duties to an agency, but with UK & Asia manager Andrew Maidment coming over to the UK one in every three months. Maidment, who joins from Google, will handle the day-to-day management of the organisation from its Mendoza office when James Forbes steps down as UK director at the end of the month. The generic body is in final stage talks with a UK-based PR agency, and it will also work closely with event management company Hunt & Coady, Maidment told OLN. Reverting back to an agency means the generic body returns to the position it was in when Forbes took up his contract three years ago. But plans for Maidment to spend “one month in every three back in the UK” could change if Wines of Argentina feels he needs to have closer relationships with the UK trade, he said. “We’ll play it by ear. James has built up a great base and has done a fantastic job with the trade and press to promote so much interest in Argentina. We need to build confidence and state that we are not deserting the market and the budget is staying the same.» Maidment will be responsible for developing marketing and promotional strategies that will focus more on the consumer and food and wine matching, he revealed. Online activity will also play a larger part in Wines of Argentina’s approach to promoting its wine in the UK. “Using digital media to facilitate communications can be a very good cost-effective way of doing things,” Maidment said.