A Chat with Hubert Weber of Weinert

April 18th, 2013

hubert weber[1]With the official launch of Argovino, we celebrate our first 95-point wine, Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. It’s a deep, unctuous wine with an array of flavors created by a rare combination of old, ungrafted vines and three years of barrel age. At roughly $20, it’s also an amazing bargain.

Weinert is widely distributed in Argentina but is a bit of a sleeper in the American market. Hubert Weber has been the winemaker there since 1997, and we spoke to him about the history of the winery and the style of his wines. Read full article

AV: Does Weinert consider itself an Old World winemaker in a New World winemaking region?
HW: Yes, definitive Old World, and classic. The Old World makes quite New World styled wines today!

AV: Has the winemaking concept changed at all in recent years, because of the market, technology, or other factors?
HW: No, the basic winemaking concept has not changed: selection of vines (age, density, soil, management, no drop irrigation, and no hail protection for Malbec), selection of grapes in the vineyard, winemaking techniques, and aging in cask. Only a few adjustments have been made during the last 16 years.

AV: Tell us about your ungrafted vines, which are hard to find in many other countries.
HW: Well, there are still quite a lot of ungrafted vines, the problem is more and more to get grapes from the old Malbec vines, as the Argentines are so crazy to pull them out to build houses on the best soils for Malbec!

Hubert, who is Swiss, also has his own line of wines, imported by Maximum Vinum. They share the classic, Old World style that Hubert brings to Weinert, but without such lengthy aging. The flavor of the grapes speaks for itself in a way that’s direct but not overpowering.

We’re excited to bring you more perspectives from winemakers like Hubert who reflect the tremendous diversity of the Argentine wine industry. Stay tuned!

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    Maru Laperchia agosto 14 2013

    Mi estimado Hubert, felicitaciones por sus licores, la novedad de las botellas finitas y altas me deslumbro cuando descubri los licores Tapaus en un supermercado. Luego me deslumbro el licor en si, compraba para tomar una copita a la noche o bien para regalar. Tenia mis preferidos, Hoy todavia tengo guardado y consugo con cuanetagotas el licor de caramelo. Que pasa que no los consigo mas en Capital Federal. Cambio de nombre o no llegan?. Gracias