ISW International Spirits Award 2009

isw· Famous competition takes place for the sixth time
· Nominations are open

Neustadt/Weinstraße, March 2009.

The ISW International Spirits Award is already taking place for the sixth time, from 27th to 28th May 2009 in Neustadt/Weinstraße.

The competition offers producers, importers and marketers of spirits the chance to have the quality and class of their product evaluated in direct comparison to others, and is a valuable asset for the marketing of the winning destillate. Despite the economic crisis and discussion of a ban on the advertising of alcoholic drinks, the competition hopes to further strengthen the position of spirits, giving them new momentum. It is intended
to give the consumer useful and sensible direction when choosing from the wide variety of spirits available on the market.

Spirits, liqueurs, fortified liqueur wines, vermouths and mixed drinks in bottles from all countries of the world are entitled to enter. The deadline for submission of samples is 17th April 2009. The participation fee is € 140 per sample entered.

The tasting and evaluation of the award samples is carried out by a jury of renowned experts – quality professionals from the industry, scientists from teaching and research programmes, experienced barkeepers and destillers from both here and abroad. The sensory evaluation is carried out according to the 100 point system based on the O.I.V. criteria, namely appearance, smell, taste and harmony/overall impression.

The number of products awarded a prize is limited to a third of the samples taking part. The award levels are Grand Gold, Gold and Silver.

In addition, other prizes are awarded in the following categories: Spirit of the year, Brandy of the year, Whisk(e)y of the year, Rum of the year, Fruit brandy of the year, Grappa of the year, Clear spirit of the year, Aromatic spirit of the year, Liqueur of the Year, Herb flavoured liqueur of the year, Brand of the year and Importer of the year.

Further information and participation documents can be found at: